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Hey guys! We are Angie and Michael, a couple that loves adventure and travel!

Angie is a professional in Marketing and Advertising and Michael is a builder. We both work for the same company back in Sydney but luckily we get to work remotely while traveling.
We love travel and having new adventures wherever we go. We meet in April 2018 and started travelling around the world from June that year.
Definitely the typical life where you buy a house, car and work in an office is not for us, we lived in a beautiful catarman for 5 months from June 2018 and sailed around the Mediterranean Sea, we sold the boat ready for our next adventure which was travelling around Colombia for 4 months in a car.
Boat life was not for us, too slow, but we love to have all our belongings with us when we travel, just park and go exploring, no fuss, no hassles, so we decided to custom build an expedition vehicle.
Currently travelling in our beautiful Expedition Truck Juggernaut around Australia and then around the rest of the world.

You can find all our adventures and what are we are up to @thealcalloughbys on Instagram and Facebook.

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