On this page we are sharing all of the details of our Expedition Truck Juggernaut. Also we will share our honest opinion of why we choose this rig and all the items inside it. We will also cover what we would do differently next time so you can learn from our mistakes.

We love the idea of a car that can go everywhere! Thats why having a 4WD vehicle was our main priority. We strongly believe that you have to know what are the essential items you want and what can be compromised on. For us, being able to stand up straight inside was essential, a reasonable living space and being comfortable was non negotiable as we work on the way and we need a good space to sit down to work, it is our home, office, gym and car, we spend the majority of our time here so being uncomfortable for the majority of our lives makes no sense. People that travel very fast and dont stop for work or to relax, then comfort is probably not as important.

Juggernaut is a FUSO Canter 2019, we went for this truck as in Australia if a vehicle is less than 4.5 tonnes it is considered a car so we don’t have to apply for another driver license or anything like that.

This was the lightest truck in its class, other brands we looked at were a bit heavier therefore not an option for what we wanted to achieve. Fuso has a good reputation and it has not disappointed.

Because weight was a priority for us, absolutely everything was weighed before going in to the build and all the materials we used for the build were the lightest reliable options available.

Another reason why we choose a truck was its ability to carry more water and other supplies so we can go off grid for longer, its high clearance means we dont scrap out on 4×4 tracks or let water in on creek crossings.

Off Grid Ability

For electricity Juggernaut has a 200amp Enerdrive Battery which we charge with the 740watts of solar panels on the roof, it also charges as we drive via DC to DC charger and in case of emergency we also have a generator backup which we rarely use.

We have 300L of water, 200L of Grey Water and 220L of fuel, thick walled tyres for all terrain which create large surface areas when deflated for all types of 4wding, high clearance and a short wheel span allow us to tackle all of the 4wd tracks we have wanted to.

We save battery electricity consumption by using a webasto diesel hot water and air heating & webasto diesel cooktop. Juggernaut is completely self reliant for about a week out of civilisation comfortably before needing to come back for food, water, dump sites etc. (If you were prepared to sacrifice on some comfort you can stretch this out to 2 weeks, but we like fresh food, regular showers and using the truck toilet rather than public toilets or the bush)

Heating and Cooling

We have a Maxx Air Fan built into our ceiling (we know of others with their Maxx Air Fan mounted on the back wall which is a good idea also for maximising solar on the a roof).

What is great about this fan is it sucks the hot air out of the truck drawing the cooler air in through the windows from outside. It uses very little electricity. This is a great way to cool down a hot truck after a day of being locked up in the sun. We use the maxx air fan in combination with a champion battery operated portable fan which lasts 8hrs we blow this air from the kitchen window on us, It works well the majority of the time for cooling the truck and us, however in extreme heat fans wont do much, thats when we use the 24v Truma Air Conditioner, it works great at heating and cooling however it is power hungry using about 40amps per hour. Compared to 1-2.5amps to run the Maxx Air Fan.

For that reason I would recommend having both as they both a have situations that are useful in Heating we use the air conditioner if connected to power, or the diesel hot water heater has a fan to circulate the heat that radiates of the hot water system that we use when we are off grid. It has the abilty to be extremely hot, more than you could ever need. It has medium fan speed and high fan speed, we have never used anything more than the medium speed and we still have leave the bathroom window open or it will simply get too hot inside the truck.



We installed a 4 camera security system to record what is happening around the truck, we also have an alarm on all 3 doors. Probably overboard, but we like to be safe in the remote places and when we leave the truck unattended.


For the inside we went to see lots of places with caravans and motorhomes in Sydney and got some ideas on what we wanted. We drew the original sketch/plan of what we would love our Truck to have and “Aussie Exploration Vechiles” built it for us in 4 months (Reach out to us if you want us to put you in contact with them).

We ended up just making a layout that was a bunch of features we liked on many different setups and some that we invented ourselves.

Here is where we spend the majority of our time living in the truck! Our bed is a custom shaped queen size bed. We put the bed this way so it is functional and easy so we don’t need to jump over the other person at night or anytime to get out of bed.

Each side has a little lamp, a photo of our families  and a “pigeon hole/tray” that is our bedside table. On top of the bed each of us have 3 shelves for clothes! And then the cabinet on top in the middle of the bed is where we keep our vacuum, ukelele (that Angie is gonna learn how to play one day ), some games and bags. Underneath the bed we have so much storage space where we keep all the things we don’t use very frequently such like the inflatable Paddle Boards, Snorkelling Gear, Jerry cans, fishing gear, our dirty laundry basket, tools and more.

The Bedroom


For us, “Netflix & Chill” time is very important! By Netflix & Chill we mean watching a movie or TV series, we watch something almost every night as it is our way to disconnect and relax before going to sleep! Its like mediation!

For our house on wheels we wanted a big tv, but a tv is quite heavy and ugly in such a small space so we got this awesome projector #wowoto and for our screen we use an Ikea roll down blind which works amazing and is super cheap! 

The Kitchen

The Kitchen! We know it might look small but honestly we have more than enough much space for everything we need and more! On top of the fridge we have a cabinet that we used to put all our cleaning products, toilet paper, sunscreens etc.

Our amazing fridge from Thetford that we though was small but it holds a week worth of fresh food, longer if we eat out some days! Our sink that has two taps (one for normal water and the second for filter watered, just in case we don’t have clean water).

The cooktop we chose is from webasto, it is a Diesel cooktop and we love it! We though we were gonna need some more space for cooking but really it has been so easy and definitely enough space! Under the stove we have our Panasonic Convection Microwave, it roasts and bakes same as a normal oven! We saw so many reviews online about this and really you can do everything in it!

The draw below that one we use it for our cookware, Nutri bullet and some more food! Under the sink we have a draw with our cutlery and cooking utensils and below that two rubbish bins, one normal and the other one recycling! On the right we have our amazing pantry that we love, we have plenty of space for our food! While designing the truck we tried to make every single space useable, functional and comfortable!

We work on the road and spend a lot of time sitting on the computer so we love having a place to do that very comfortably. Thats why we went for this table that we can easily move and give us space and also flexibility for putting the table how we wanted. We have 3 seats in Juggernaut and these are next to the door as you enter the truck. We can move the table and have a long table and sit in front of each other or sit next to each other that is what we do the majority of time. 

The Dining/Working Area

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The Gym

Yes, you are reading correctly, we do have a “Gym” with us, pretty basic equipment but good enough for us to get a good workout in. For us health is very important and we try to do our best to work out frequently on the road (To be honest we have weeks that we workout 5 times and others were we dont work out at all).

We bought a 4 dumbbells that can be changed by to be increasing 2.5kg increments from 3kgs all the way up to 25kgs each dumbbell, we have some elastics weight bands, yoga mats and also jumping ropes. At the back of Juggernaut we have a pull up rack (only Mikey does them) and we stretch out our spines by using gravity boots which allow us to hook our feet from the rack and hang upside down.

The Bathroom

We really wanted our shower separate from the toilet (Thats a personal preference, in this type of lifestyle it is very common to have a shower over of the toilet to save space, we wanted the wet shower area to be seperate). The shower is a good sized shower for a mobile home, it is 800mm x 800mm. We have a super lightweight roll out shower screen that keeps all the water inside the shower and we used from Ikea some suction cap shelving that holds our shampoo and soaps securely when going 4wding.

We were between toilets for the truck as we loved the idea of composting but really didn’t realise how good they are until after we made that choice, we went for the Dometic Cassette Toilet that is the typical toilet you find in a motor home or caravan. Our way to help reduce damage to the environment here is by using Thetford Green Toilet Liquid products which are eco friendly as apposed to the harsh toilet chemicals available.

On top of the toilet we have a little vanity with mirrored faced shaving cabinet. We keep our tooth brush, tooth paste and creams etc. we use in a daily basis.

Extras, Safety Equipment

We are very precautious and we are all about safety first! Thats why we carry with us some items just for security to protect our lives in case of an emergency easier.

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