Coober Pedy
Specially for Angie this place was out of her “Bucket List” places she always dream to see in Australia, because when she arrived in Australia over 8 years ago to study English this pace was mention in one of the classes and she dream about it since then.
Coober Pedy is a very famous mine town in South Australia and is famous because in this area the hot can get to over 50 degrees which is crazy! So the mine people years ago start to build their houses inside the rocks to keep then safe of the heat and soon a lot of the town was underground. Is a very incredible place to visit as you can see underground hotels, museums, houses, churches and more.

The Breakaways

Our first stop in Coober Pedy was actually outside the town, a place really out of this world! Since you arrived you feel you just got into another planet, the colours and rocks formations are super unusual and amazing. The Breakaways is part of the Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park is part of the traditional land of the Antakirinja Matunjara Yankunytjara people thats why is important to stay in the designated paths and lookouts around to explore the place.
In the breakaways you’ll find lots of lookouts while you drive, we strongly recommend to explore every of then as you can get really different colours and a different views from them. Our personally favourite is the Angkata Lookout that is the picture below. 
Make sure if you’re insterested to drive all the way to the Dog Fence on the way in The Breakaways. This fence is very famous and know for being the longest fence in the world! Its over 5.400 kilometres and go across 3 states in Australia (Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia). Was builded on 1946 to protect the sheep industry from Dingos and wild dogs.

The Town

Coober Pedy is a very special and small town. You can easily see everything in a day. Just going for a walk and you get to see so many weird stuff around, like a rocket ship, a werid spider car and some structures definitely out of this planet. The town is so special that a lot of movies have been filmed here, li “Mad Max beyond Thunderdome 1985”, “Kangaroo jack 2003”, “Red Planet 2000”, “Pitch Black 2000”, “The Osiris Child 2016” and they change the colour of the famous Coober Pedy sign for the movie “Mortal Kombat 2021” that is gonna start filmed there soon.
Crocodrile Harry:
Our first stop in the town was “ Crocodrile Harry”. Is a eccentric cave that belong to “Captain Harry”, a crocodile hunter that actually the man who inspire the “Crocodrile Dundee”. The cave is very particular as he have a very  eccentric taste so you will find very strange things around. Around the cave we saw so many sculptures of women body shapes on rocks naked and lots of underwear hanging around (apparently all the girls that sleep with him leave the undies as a memory and hanging them around). Its definitely a very unique place you have to visit while in the town. 
Exploring the cave we found a bat net with heaps of little bats that were flying everywhere, was a highlight of our visit here.
Josephine’s Gallery and Kangaroo Orphanage:
A very interesting place, the owner have been taking care of kangaroos injure and then realise them into the wild. Is self-funded and if you go there you will support them for the care of this Kangaroos. The Entry fee is $20 per person and at the moment for covid is appointment only. We arrived in our date and get to meet “Frankie” a beautiful 10 weeks kangaroo that was found on the road inside her mom’s belly while being eating by seagulls. So sad, even the birds start eating Frankie’s tail but thanks to this orphanage they save her. We got to meet her, carry her and give her some kisses and cuddles, a beautiful experience.
Underground Church:
The town count with 2 underground churches. The firs one we visit was the St Pterosaur’s & St Paul Catholic Church, is very small but still pretty and special. The second one was the Serbian Orthodox Church was a bit more impressive, build in 1993, is very unique with ornately carved frescoes of saints in the walls and a beautiful altar with a stained glass window. Very special.
Old Time Miners Mine:
This incredible mine is original hand dug mine build in 1916. Is an historian museum and underground home as well. The self guide tour will show you and explain very well about the mines and how to found Opals underground as well show you how the miners another families live in this mines back in the day. The tour was $15 per person and you can stay and do it in the time you want. There is also a Opal Shop where you can get you own Opal or buy a beautiful jewery with the Opals found here. 
We strongly recommend to visit this place as it show you the mine, home, museum, all in one and its very historical in town.
Staying in the town:
We travel in our home on wheels so in here we stayed in Juggernaut the majority of the times. We stayed in Riba’s campground and pay $30 a night for a power site with no water. (Water is very hard to get in this town so you have to pay for it, in town just 1 dollar for every 100 litres). The campground also have the option of staying underground in tents and rooms so you get to have the whole experience.
Being in Coober Pedy we wanted our own sleep underground experience so we decided to book our last night in town in the Historical  “Desert Cave Hotel”. We booked a double room, very comfy and underground for $250 both of us. The hotel is very beautiful and have a lot of things you can explore underground. It has a beautiful and yummy underground cafe, casino and a museum where you can learn a lot about the Opal Mines, the town and even the Stuart Highway that is the main Highway that communicate Coober Pedy with the rest of the towns, this Highway go from Darwin (top of Australia) To Adelaide (South of the country). This part of the home; is completely free and so recommended to do even If you don’t stay in the hotel, there is stunner underground where you get to learn a lot of this place. 
We have the best sleep underground! Because is so dark and silence you just go to the deep sleep and relax a lot! Highly recommend to have this experience if you visit Coober Pedy. Obviously in the town is heaps of options where you can get to choose from. We meet some friends there that stay in a Airbnb where they get to stay in a whole house underground and paid $160 a night, is options for everyone!
We love Coober Pedy and highly recommended this stop if you’re in the area! A very unique and special place!